Brief talk about how to control the cost of plastic bottle packaging for beverage bottles

Companies are organizations that are profitable, and the box factory is no exception. Controlling costs is a very important means of profitability. Today, Xiao Bian came to briefly talk about the cost control of beverage bottle packaging.

In fact, the cost of a beverage bottle is not high, but the number of beverage bottles used by manufacturers is huge. If you can save the cost of controlling the packaging of beverage bottles, you can save a huge amount of money.

The key to the cost control and savings of beverage bottles is to rely on technological innovation. Science and technology and innovation are the source of a country’s progress and the soft power of a country. Only constant technological innovations can be better placed in the packaging industry. First of all, from the production of beverage bottles, the integration of injection and blowing technology for beverage bottles is integrated. Now, injection and blowing separation greatly increase labor costs, reduce efficiency, and realize the integration of injection and blowing will be greatly reduced. Cost of production. Secondly, with regard to the advancement of beverage bottle weight reduction technology, the weight reduction of beverage bottles on the one hand saves production materials and reduces costs. On the other hand, logistics costs have also been compressed. Finally, the development and innovation of beverage bottle raw materials, the increase in the diversification of beverage bottle production materials, fierce competition in raw materials, and price reductions are the most effective means of contributing to the drop in the price of beverage bottles.

I hope that the above information will help everyone.

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