The 37th China (Guangzhou) Home Fair - Outdoor Home Show Area - Launch of Universal Garden Life Mode

The 37th China (Guangzhou) Home Fair - Outdoor Home - Launching the Universal Garden Life Date: 2016-03-15 14:31

In March 2016, the Pazhou Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex and Poly World Trade Center Expo will usher in the world's largest furniture fair China (Guangzhou) Fair. The China (Guangzhou) Home Fair is already the 37th, and for the first time The outdoor home exhibition area moved to the Poly Exhibition Hall as a whole, plus the original exhibition area of ​​the Canton Fair Complex, opening the era of the integration of the two halls of the Expo, and the scale was better than before.

The 37th China (Guangzhou) Home Fair is expected to have more than 3,800 brand companies from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and more than 190 countries and regions have commercial value professional visitors. The exhibition is divided into four exhibition areas: A, B, C, and D. The total scale of the exhibition area reaches 750,000 square meters, of which the D exhibition area is based on outdoor living and leisure activities. The adjacent home garden invites you to come together as the theme. The scale of the exhibition is close to 70,000 square meters, and the scale is three times that of the previous one. The outdoor home exhibition area of ​​the current China (Guangzhou) Fair has become the largest outdoor home exhibition in the country.

It is understood that the outdoor home exhibition area of ​​the China (Guangzhou) Fair has attracted more world brands to join the exhibition because of its larger scale. The categories are more complete. From the Home Fair, it is known that there are already US Sunbrella, Classic. , Germany's Rehau, UK's Flat, Indonesia's Skyline and other well-known foreign brands to join, Yiting, Dijia, Yuanda, Gretel, Guardian, Shengmei, Dongen, Meiyaxin, Dihuaou, ISOTOP, GENPZ, Higashino And so will also make a great appearance. In addition to the theme of past outdoor household exhibits, the Outdoor Home Pavilion of the China (Guangzhou) Fair has also added outdoor shade/tents, wooden houses, sun rooms, outdoor stone, home furnishings, artificial rattan materials, and gardening supplies. Outdoor facilities and other outdoor categories not only enrich the content of outdoor home exhibitions, but also allow closer communication between the industry, broaden business opportunities in various areas of outdoor homes, and further promote the development of the outdoor home industry.

According to the organizers, the Outdoor Home Fair at this year's China (Guangzhou) Expo has an important part of the 2016 Global Garden Life Festival. Last year, the Global Garden Life Festival was launched and the Global Garden Life Model was launched. According to Spoilers, the Festival of Life is roughly divided into three chapters: The first chapter is the first stop of the Universal Garden Life Quest Tour. Spain captures Spain’s customs, urban architecture, and cultural life. Spanish style. Spain's national treasure master Mr. Ge Bolang will also come to the scene to share his work experience; the second chapter is the garden life design boutique exhibition, five domestic outstanding design agencies and five outstanding international design companies work together to bring the audience A global garden feast is worth looking forward to; the third chapter is a number of ideas salon activities for the industry to communicate with people, and jointly promote the development of the industry.

The China (Guangzhou) Fair will specially place the outdoor home exhibition area in the Poly Exhibition Hall, which will not only be larger in scale, but also occupy a convenient traffic location. The audience can directly reach the outdoor home exhibition area from the Meizhou Subway Station C exit.

The 37th China (Guangzhou) Fair will create a new international outdoor home feast for industry professionals and visitors. The Outdoor Home Fair looks forward to your joining!

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