Prevent wooden door deformation

How to do the maintenance of the wooden door after the renovation of the new house? Is the wooden door selected during the interior decoration of the house? Now many homes choose to install the wooden door, so how do you know the wooden door will not be deformed? I hope you don't miss it.

The wooden door in the heating season is most prone to dry cracking because the indoor humidity is very low. The common method is to buy a humidifier indoors, and you can also arrange a basin of water to arrange more plants such as green radish and prosperous bamboo that are good for indoor moisturizing. However, it is necessary to meticulously prevent excessive humidification. Even if the humidifier is placed in a place with moderate ventilation and light, it is necessary to prevent the humidifier from being directly placed on the indoor wooden door, and the humidifier may be used forever. The same period of normal heating period, the humidity of the room connected by the humidifier is between 40% and 60%.

Many homes with better heating, due to the high temperature in the room, the city is always ventilated every day. Many people mistakenly think that the window is open in winter, the indoor temperature drops, and the sign of the wooden door gap is naturally weakened. In fact, the higher the ambient temperature, the more saturated the water, which means that the humidity in the winter house is higher than the outdoor. The real reason for the gap in the interior wooden door is from humidity, not temperature. At this time, the wind will only change the cold atmosphere of the surface, making the interior more dry.

Due to the dry climate, the wood is more fragile, coupled with the heating of the baking, the moisture in the wood guess is lost, the texture becomes loose, and the usual solid wooden door is probably easily scratched when it is clean. Therefore, when cleaning up, just do not touch the surface of the wood with sharp and clean things. It is usually necessary to carefully adjust the wooden door. Do not let the solid metal products or other sharp objects collide with the wooden door to cover the surface without any serious injury.

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