Under the emergency plan of high and low temperature wet heat box capillary blockage

In the above, we explained the causes of the ice blockage in the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber and the solution. What is the difference between the dirty plugging phenomenon and the ice block?

When the refrigeration system is not cleaned thoroughly or the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber is used for a period of time, the compressor wears out, and when there is dirt in the refrigeration system, the dirt is easily blocked in the capillary or the filter, which is called dirty plugging. After the dirty plugging occurs, the refrigerant cannot flow, and the phenomenon is similar to the ice blockage. If the treatment by heating and melting ice is ineffective, the sound of liquid flow is not clear.

Dirty plugging is similar to the failure of refrigerant leakage (evaporator defrosting). The difference between the two is to unplug the power plug and cut the top of the filling pipe of the compressor with a pliers. Observe carefully if there is refrigerant. The outflow is dirty, and the opposite is the leakage of the refrigerant.

Dirty plug removal method: remove the capillary, filter, condenser, evaporator by gas welding, replace the molecular sieve in the capillary and filter, clean the condenser and evaporator, dry, vacuum, re-weld, charge the refrigerant .

高低温湿热箱毛细管堵塞的应急方案 下

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