New measures to improve the quality of edging - "soft" grinding wheel

New measures to improve the quality of edging - "soft" grinding wheel

Shanghai Xugong Coating Technology Co., Ltd. Xu Guoxing

The shearing process is the first process in the production of steel drums. The precision of the cutting process directly affects the overall quality of the steel drum, and the quality of the edging directly affects the quality of the weld of the steel drum.

At present, medium-hardness grinding wheels with coarser grain sizes are commonly used in various barrel factories. Due to the high rotational speed of the grinding wheel during work, its nature is hard and brittle. Therefore, the surface quality of the grinding wheel, such as the variety, thickness, hardness of the sand, and the uniformity of the sand, have a great influence on the quality of the edging. According to the technicians of the grinding wheel factory, the domestic grinding wheel has the problem of the life of the adhesive. Generally, after one year, the problem of gradually decreasing the adhesion of the sand particles is likely to occur. From the production and sales of the grinding wheel to the user, plus a period of storage, it takes a long time, so the quality of the grinding wheel is subject to time.

The installation quality of the grinding wheel, such as the position, the stability, and the adjustment of the feed amount, have a great influence on the quality of the edging of the steel drum. If the grinding wheel is improperly installed and the quality is problematic, the grinding wheel may rupture and fly out, causing a major accident. During grinding, vibration is caused by poor balance of the grinding wheel, which will damage the grinding surface of the steel plate.

The outer circle of the grinding wheel is a circular plane whose projection is a rectangular shape. When grinding the barrel steel plate, due to the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel, the two front corners of the steel plate are rounded by the grinding wheel, sometimes being too thin or even scorched. Therefore, before the wheel is used, the barrel factory first trims the outer circumferential plane of the grinding wheel into a slope, so that its projection is formed into a right-angled trapezoid, and then the trapezoidal obtuse angle is rounded into a circle having a certain radius. The result of this is that the above phenomenon is reduced or the quality is slightly improved, but the rounded corners, too thin and the grinding phenomenon of the polished surface of the steel sheet cannot be eliminated. These phenomena seriously affect the quality of the weld.

Wheel passivation is also a more cumbersome problem. During the grinding process, the sharp sand will gradually become blunt and the sharpness will decrease. This results in a reduction in the grinding ability. As the degree of passivation increases, the “canyon” between the “peak” of the sand surface that is already sharp on the surface of the sand is gradually filled and blocked. The difference between the "peak" and the "bottom" is gradually reduced, causing the wear debris to be easily eliminated. In this way, the grinding ability is gradually lowered, and the friction between the grinding wheel and the surface of the polished steel plate is greatly increased, thereby causing the surface of the steel plate to be heated and coked. In theory, the grinding wheel has its own. Sharpness, but due to the filling and clogging phenomenon of the “canyon” between the sands during the passivation process of the grinding wheel, the self-sharpening phenomenon of the grinding wheel is not reflected in the actual process. In this case, the grinding wheel has to be trimmed frequently. However, since most of the smaller barrel mills are now produced on the assembly line, the dressing wheel will cause the entire line to be shut down. In addition, the grinding wheel is noisy during the grinding process, and the dust is flying heavily. Usually, the feed rate needs to be adjusted frequently. Therefore, how to improve the traditional grinding wheel grinding has become one of the topics of technical reform of many barrel factories.

In this regard, the Shanghai Steel Barrel Technical Equipment Research Institute Equipment Research Office has set up a research group to tackle the problem. Three years ago, under the guidance of the director Lu Yashan, the engineer finally developed a "flexible grinding wheel" specially used for grinding two barrels of steel. After three years of use by Shanghai Chemical Co., Ltd., the quality of edging has been greatly improved. During the grinding process, the front corner of the barrel steel plate completely eliminates the rounded corners, too thin and being scorched, thereby improving the overall quality of the steel drum.

This “flexible grinding wheel” uses a new generation of high-strength sand binder to ensure the bonding life of the sand. Its structure is a flexible sand piece with a certain elasticity inserted into the steel flange. The insertion direction is at an angle to the diameter of the disc. In this way, a certain "bow" shape elasticity is formed when the sand sheet is ground. The design technique allows the sand substrate to be worn at the same time when the sand is blunt. Due to the effect of the bow elasticity and the centrifugal force, the arcuate radius of the sand piece gradually becomes larger, so the sand piece is still closely adhered to the steel plate for grinding, no need to trim at all, and the position of the "flexible grinding wheel" is not adjusted.

In the course of use, the "flexible grinding wheel" has no unsafe factors such as fragmentation and flying out. Since the contact between the 'flexible grinding wheel' and the steel plate is "flexible", the noise is greatly reduced, and the dust flying phenomenon is also significantly improved, which makes the manufacturing quality of the steel drum a new guarantee.

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