The skin function of SK-II5 physiology

Since 35 years ago, SK-II has been discovering Pitera's endless beauty effects . This breakthrough scientific discovery confirms the magical effect of Pitera on the skin. SK-II's unique biochemical ingredients completely improve the skin's 5-dimensional physiology - delicate skin, firming skin, enhance radiance, even skin tone and smooth wrinkles.

SK-II's masterpiece, beauty beauty word of mouth NO.1 essence, with the miracle brought by 5X, to achieve a crystal clear and perfect skin dream for people with different skin, let your skin use one day early, crystal clear day after day.

In this hot summer, SK-II is specially tailored for your crystalliner:

Perfect day, starting from “Shenxian Water”: After cleansing in the morning, start with the first drop of “Shenxian Water”, open the beautiful passage of skin throughout the day, enriched with more than 90% of Pitera? Yeast extract to provide adequate nutrition and conditioning for the skin. The skin, deeply moisturized, gives the skin a comprehensive moisturization and improvement, day after day, to create a healthy and moisturizing skin.

The skin function of SK-II5 physiology

The eye fairy water is always filled with moisturizing power: no longer have to worry about the trouble of hydrating the eye skin at any time after applying makeup. As the revolutionary eye makeup water for the makeup industry, SK-II Eye Multi-Action Nourishing Gel is a must-have companion for office OL and computer family. In addition to 40% Pitera? One-time solution to the five major problems of the eye, the most important thing is that when you have any need for her, she is accompanied by your side, do not need to remove makeup, do not need cleansing, you can give you the most timely and meticulous care.

From the inside out, it stays crystal clear: In order to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays and the environment during the day, SK-II Repair Essence's quadruple skin self-repair will form an invisible protective film on the skin surface, allowing the skin to It is nourished from the inside out, and it is lastingly repaired and adjusted to make the skin soft and delicate for 24 hours.

Mask SPA reproduces skin radiance: The best time for skin care at night is about 10:30, apply a SK-II skin care mask, let the moisturizing 10xPitera? natural revitalizing yeast extract quickly remove the tiredness of the skin, use the mask and squat When there is still essence on the face, gently massage until the essence is absorbed, or pat and then apply the lotion or cream care products to lock all the Pitera? essence, so that the skin of the next morning will be healthy and radiant.

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