How to create a beautiful makeup in the spring

Make-up can not only make up for the defects on the face, but also add personal confidence. But many MMs are worried that makeup will be too mature and affect the overall effect. In fact, as long as you pay attention to a few makeup tips , you can create a beautiful makeup in the spring.

Beautiful makeup in the spring

Beautiful makeup in the spring

Step1. Clear makeup

Only older women will use a thick foundation to cover the wrinkles on the face, so the first step in makeup is to create a flawless skin. Choose a skin that is close to the skin, thin, liquid foundation, or wet and dry foundation. Apply it evenly by hand, then gently press with a sponge to make the makeup more compliant. Apply a T-bit with a foundation that is brighter than the skin tone to brighten the area and increase the three-dimensional luster.

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Step2. Exquisite eye makeup

Eye makeup is the focus of the entire makeup, with a gold eye shadow to outline the eyes, making the contours of the eyes deeper. First use the lightest light gold to smear the entire eye socket below the eyebrows. Select the deep gold eye shadow from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye. Under the eyes, use a thin eye shadow to sweep the same color eye shadow. Pay attention to the 1/3 of the front corner of the eye. Do not apply, otherwise the eye makeup is too strong. Finally, use a dark brown eye shadow to put an eyeliner on the root of the eyelashes.

Step3. Thick eyelashes

The thick lashes are like the big eyes of a doll. To avoid the makeup being too mature, spend your time on the eyelashes. Apply mascara moisturizer first, then brush the mascara with Z-shape and repeat the brush several times. Do not stick the lashes together. The thick eyelashes make the eyes look good, and the eyebrows that are slightly raised upwards match the brown eyebrows, giving the eyes a strong overall feeling.

Step4. Light orange blush

Do not think that the pink blush is the symbol of the girl, the faint orange blush can easily create the transparent texture of the girl's skin, and it is easy to accompany the lip color. Apply blush to the apples below the tibia, keeping the area round and adding a cute feeling.

Step5. Elegant lip color

Apply a light lipstick of the same color as the blush, then use a lip brush to sweep a thin layer of transparent lip gloss. The elegant lip color is fresh and charming, the transparent luster is more generous, and the makeup is more elegant and calm, but it is not too mature, and the position is just right.

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