Ten potential beauty hands abandoned the concept of backward skin care

Are you a beauty? Do you have the potential to be a beauty? Come and see the following 10 beautiful women , believe that there are only lazy women in the world who do not have ugly women. Abandon the backward skin care concept and advance to the beauty!

1, know how to choose

You are willing to sleep for 10 more minutes, sleep with a makeup for one night, or willing to spend 10 minutes to thoroughly clean the skin; is it easy to eat nutritious junk food, or spend 15 minutes to make a vegetable salad? Life is full With multiple choice questions, you have to know how to choose.

2, take a step ahead of time

Don't let your maintenance lose on the starting line. The most important function of skin care products is to maintain skin condition and prevent aging, instead of reversing aging, so don't wait until the problem occurs before using anti-aging products. Aging is a step faster. High concentration and high quality daily care products will not spoil your skin.

3, the more basic, the more you want to invest

Cleaning, conditioning, moisturizing, and sun protection are the daily tasks that must be done on the skin. Because it is a basic amount of large amount, it is necessary to buy a cheaper one. Any subsequent maintenance steps are completed on this basis, the foundation must be laid, the more basic, the more you want to buy a good quality product.

4, to ensure beautiful evergreen

Can you imagine that COSMOPOLITAN Lifetime Editor Helen Greg Brown is a lover of Max factor iron plate powder for a lifetime? The little black dress is never out of date, and there are always timeless evergreens in the skin care products or make-up. Once found, once found Really suitable for your own products, don't give up easily, waste time searching, just the beauty paranoia to do.

5, to avoid becoming a victim of fashion

There will be special popular maintenance ingredients or beauty colors at a certain time, but you have to make sure that it is really suitable for you. If a skin sensitive person uses fruit acid without authorization, the consequences are unimaginable; chocolate beauty wants to try pink lipstick, the result is It goes without saying. Calm judgment can prevent you from becoming a fashion victim.

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