The popular development trend of bathroom hardware "furniture"

In 2010, the popular development trend of the home bathroom industry, experts believe that the public's choice of bathroom will be based on the principle of health and environmental protection, simple personality, functional supremacy, and the new enjoyment of comfortable bathroom is also highly respected by people.


   Trend 1: The bathroom product is “furniture”

Recently, many new styles of sanitary wares have begun to be introduced to the market. Multi-functional wash basins, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets and toilets with more aesthetic styles have become more and more popular among consumers.

Trend 2: Minimalism is popular

Simplicity is equal to convenience. This minimalist trend has catered to the psychology of many young people, so sanitary ware has become direct and "simplest". The sink is no longer blindly pursuing the luxury of marble countertops; the toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; more and more rational consumers will not consider the size of their own bathroom, but install a large bathtub or shower room. The minimalist style has become popular.


   Trend 3: Intelligent bathroom products are becoming popular

Technology is advancing, and sanitary products are constantly integrating more and more technology. The intelligently tempered bathtub and the smartly pumped toilet are unveiled, which undoubtedly bring more comfort to the consumers.

Trend 4: New sanitary materials come out

Ceramic products no longer dominate the world of the bathroom, stone, glass, wood and other materials have become a substitute for ceramic products. Therefore, porcelain glazed tiles will gradually replace the traditional terracotta bricks, the color is ever-changing; the wooden bathtub makes the petty bourgeoisie; the glass mosaic is popular in the bathroom, and the introduction of these new materials will better reflect its design.


   Trend 5: Focus on health and environmental protection

Health and water conservation are a theme of the bathroom revolution for many years. In the building materials market, we can often see that the major bathroom brands have produced such slogans. From bathtubs to toilets to urinals, all parts and places that can be antibacterial, antifouling and water-saving are undergoing technological changes. I believe that such products can better cater to the psychology of consumers, and the sanitary products with both antibacterial and water-saving functions will be more outstanding. In terms of faucets, stainless steel will gradually replace copper, which is mainly considering environmental protection and health.

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