Must know the secrets of make-up

A variety of colorful makeup tips , women are eager to look forward to, and look forward to the miracle. However, these are as good and obedient as you are a golden rule, or from the experience of sisters, or from online rumors, but have a lot of damage to the body. It is time to let the truth come to light.

Makeup tips

1, the foundation close to the skin

It can make excellent makeup more perfect, the method is very simple, you just need to put the damp sponge in the refrigerator, after a few minutes, put the cold sponge on the skin of the foundation, you will feel the skin is extraordinarily refreshing The make-up is also particularly refreshing.

2, cool eye drops

Drinking or lack of sleep can make your eyes look very tired and bloodshot. You can drop one or two drops of eye drops that have the effect of relieving fatigue, so that the symptoms of congestion and rupture of the eye capillaries are relieved, but the eye drops are not as good as possible, and too many may have adverse effects.

3, eyebrow powder for tube

If you always feel that the hand holding the eyebrow pencil does not listen, you can't draw a satisfactory eyebrow. Let's make a new attempt: use the eyebrow pencil to paint the color on the arm, use the eyebrow brush to apply the color, and evenly sweep it over the eyebrows. You will unexpectedly get a more natural and soft makeup effect.

4, cold towel

Red and swollen eyes, bulging eye bags make you look listless, don't panic, apply cold towel and hot towel alternately on your eyes for more than 10 minutes, then apply it with an ice towel for a while, the tired eyes will return to the look.

5, the table is placed on a small mirror

Drawing a detailed eyeliner may be a big problem for you. It is not difficult. You have to put your elbows in a fixed place, such as your dressing table. Place a small mirror on the table and let your eyes face down. Looking at the mirror, you can safely draw your eyeliner

6, white eyeliner

The eyes are the window of the soul, and the large and bright eyes are often impressive. You can try to draw the lower eyeliner with a white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

7, spray moisturizing water

After the makeup is finished, apply moisturizing water to the face from the distance from the arm of the face, and the makeup can last longer.


1, the makeup tools must be kept clean, mild shampoo can be used to clean the makeup brush, plus a small amount of conditioner can make the bristles soft at the same time; dilute the detergent with warm water, used to clean the old eyebrow brush, is to make The best way to quickly restore the original look.

2, wearing glasses will affect your makeup effect, if you wear farsighted glasses, the lens will enlarge the eyes and make-up, this time you are suitable for the choice of dark eye color; wearing myopia glasses will make the eyes look small, suitable The use of bright colors, in addition, the layered eye shadow and neat eyebrows can effectively modify the face.

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