Dust fiber tester

CAXW-20 dust fiber measuring instrument This instrument is suitable for reading dust and fiber bundles of various papers, as well as the determination of many pulp fiber bundles. The structure of the instrument is advanced and reasonable, which is widely applicable and easy to operate and maintain. Main technical parameters: 1. The size of the universal rotating table: 200 × 200mm Illumination is at any angle
2. The table size of the light-transmitting table: 710 × 380mm
3. Standard dust comparison pictures: a total of 2 (standard pictures are provided by the National Paper Quality Supervision and Inspection Center)
4. Appearance size: 780 × 463 × 480mm

Paper Box

Carton packaging is to promote the beautification of goods and improve the competitiveness of the products with its beautiful shape and decoration. Since the shape and structural design of the carton are often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, there are many types, such as rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped carton, cylindrical, etc., but the manufacturing process is basically The same, that is, the selection of materials - design icons - manufacturing templates - stamping - joined into boxes.
The raw materials are coated paper, special paper, powdered ash, kraft paper, corrugated paper, which are used to hold items and can be recycled.
Paper product packaging is the most widely used type in packaging industrial products. Carton is the most important form of transport packaging, and carton is widely used as a sales package for various products such as food, medicine, and electronics. With the change of transportation mode and the change of sales methods, the styles of carton and carton are becoming more and more diversified. Almost every new type of non-standard carton is accompanied by a set of automatic equipment, and the carton itself is also becoming novel. With the means of merchandising promotion, we believe that the future carton packaging will develop in the direction of environmental protection economy, and there will be a new form to show us.

Paper Box

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