How to ensure book binding quality from product design

Binding is not an isolated process. Many unreasonable processes in the process will cause construction difficulties for the binding. Therefore, from the beginning of product design, the process must be pushed forward with the requirements of binding.

32 open book binding

32-fold double books, in the past, when using wire binding, the incisions of 4mm in the head, 6mm in the middle seam, and 2mm in the foot were generally used. Cut separately. In the production process of wireless glue binding, the above operations will produce a lot of head and foot breaks.

This is mainly due to the hot melt adhesive curing, the overall hardness is much greater than the previous hot backpack book, in the process can only use the method of saw blade cutting, first cut the book with double wireless adhesive binding into two Cutting, and the saw blade has a thickness, generally about 3mm. If the previous cut size is still used, it is obviously difficult to meet the cutting requirements. If the middle seam size is increased to 9mm, the lithographic products have smooth edges and mouths If the size is occupied, the printed product will be incomplete. According to the actual situation, the size of the middle seam can be set to 8mm, which not only ensures the integrity of the printed product during printing, but also ensures the quality of the binding and cutting.

Design of milling back thickness

In order to ensure that the signature can be completely milled at the back milling cutter, the thickness of the milling back is generally 2mm to 2.5mm, the thicker books and magazines can reach 2.5mm to 3mm, and the thickness of the adhesive backing is generally 0.6mm to 1.2mm. Take milling back thickness average 2.5mm, glue coating thickness average 0.9mm, normal outer cut size 3mm as an example. After milling back coating, the outer cut is only 1.4mm. If normal folding tolerance occurs, the outer cut may shrink. Page phenomenon; if you just enlarge the folding size, there will be a serious offset of the center of the page, the center of the page and the number of connected pages exceed the standard, etc., which will cause great inconvenience to reading and seriously affect the appearance of the book. If you need to add a 1.5mm milling opening in advance at the milling back during imposition, this ensures the cutting size requirements, eliminates the phenomenon of page shrinkage, and does not affect the aesthetics of books and periodicals.

Stapling issues

Some people think that there are no gaps in the glued book, so the center of the finished book is not centered on the page. In practical work, especially in books and journals with title pages, this problem is especially obvious. This is mainly because it is impossible for glue-bound books and periodicals to open the pages to the back of the book like lock-line bound books and periodicals, because the slot depth of paperback glue-bound books and periodicals is generally 1.0mm to 1.2mm. The author has concluded through continuous practice that the center of the plate is exactly centered when the stitching is about 3mm, which basically meets the dimensional standards of milling back and slot.

The problem that the back of the book is not centered

Not centering the back of glued books is a very headache problem. This is a more prominent problem in the development process from manual to mechanized books. In the past, most single-color and two-color offset presses were used to print covers. Due to overprinting, the machine attached great importance to the front stop and pull rules. However, due to the continuous transformation of equipment, the market pursues short cycles, and the requirements for cover matching are fast, most of them are mainly printed with four-color machines. Since there is no problem with overprinting, this largely ignores the problem of regulations, making The back of the book is prone to skew when mechanically closing the book during binding. For this reason, we adopt a black â–³ at the 3mm outer cross line at the outer cross line when imposing the pull surface, the black â–³ is 3mm, so that the printed products can see the accuracy of the front and pull rules at a glance. In actual work Also achieved very good results.

Trapezoidal inspection

Because of the one-time forming and cutting of glue-bound books, the trapezoid checking process in the old process is reduced, which will cause the wrong posts of individual books due to the negligence of the page-adding personnel, resulting in major quality stories. The trapezoid on the back of the book block cannot be checked for gaps. To this end, we adopted the method of adding the head to the trapezoid. The size of the head trapezoid is set to 3mm (width) × 4mm (length), and a hair is set up. This inspector checks the trapezoid trapezoid during the production process, and adopts the method of fetching and checking the pages when adding pages manually, which can basically eliminate the situation of wrong posts.

Post-printing binding of signatures

In order to have a more stable quality of paperback binding, it must be bound before binding. This not only makes the appearance of the book beautiful, the back of the book uniform, eliminates the phenomenon of large backs, but also reduces the probability of wrong posts, changes the site environment, improves the efficiency of the machine, and greatly improves the quality of book binding. In paperback glue binding products, the binding of signatures is a very important link.

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