Top five selected stocks of institutions this week (2009-08-10)

(Information source: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System)

Chuanhua (000155) has signs of capital replenishment, and the IWC recommends that it pays attention to the reason: the company is a large-scale chemical enterprise supported by the national policy, is one of the largest synthetic ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer production enterprises in China, and is also the largest melamine production and export enterprise in China. . It takes the two major industries of chemical fertilizer and chemical industry as the main lines of development, relying on the advantages of natural gas resources in eastern Sichuan, and enlarges and strengthens the fertilizer industry; at the same time, it relies on technological innovation to optimize and strengthen the existing melamine, inorganic chemical and biochemical industries; and develop in time In petrochemical industry, the 40,000-ton / year iminodiacetonitrile project will become the company's new profit growth point in 2010.
The stock has started a wide range of shocks in recent stages, and is currently exploring the area near the previous low again. There are signs of capital replenishment, which can be followed.

Commodity City (600415) is less affected by the foreign trade situation in the short term, and Centaline Securities recommends a short-term concern: Because the company charges 3-5 years of rent at a time, changes in the foreign trade situation have little impact on the company ’s short-term profitability. May to July is the traditional off-season of the small commodity market. The number of customs declarations and the number of exported containers in May and June declined slightly year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter. Some Christmas gifts in August will begin to order, and the peak sales season will gradually start in the second half of the year. It has improved.
According to the company's disclosure, the leasing work for the 4th to 5th floors of the "three phases and one phase" of the International Trade City has basically been completed in the first half of the year, and the operating income will be reflected in the second half of the year; increase.
The company is expected to earn 1.38 yuan per share in 2009 and 1.83 yuan per share in 2010. The market outlook suggests short-term attention.

Taiyuan Heavy Industry (600169) has fundamental advantages, and Guodu Securities recommends short-term attention to the reason: the company's main large-scale metallurgical cranes, mining excavators and other large-scale machinery and equipment, after the directional additional issuance last year, raised funds to invest in the Lingang Heavy Equipment Development Base, and actively Investment in new fields such as wind power equipment will lay the foundation for the company's future development.
The most attractive advantage of the company's fundamentals is that its products involve industries such as railways and infrastructure that benefit from large-scale investment, as well as coal and extractive industries that benefit from economic recovery. Suggest short-term active attention.

Chengxing Co., Ltd. (600078) plans to raise 1 billion yuan. Huarong Securities recommends short-term attention to the reason: the company is one of the leading phosphorous chemical enterprises in China, and also the promoter of the integration of mining, electricity and phosphorus. The "phosphorus" integrated industrial layout has been completed. The company issued a resolution of the board of directors in June, stating that the company plans to issue 30 million shares to 150 million shares non-publicly, and raise about 1 billion yuan for the acquisition of 55% of the equity of the Leidatan Hydropower Station held by the controlling shareholder Chengxing Group. Salt technology improvement project and repayment of bank loans and supplementary working capital. It is expected that 130 million shares will be added after the non-public offering. After normal operation in 2010, the net profit will increase by 80 million yuan. The earnings per share in 2009 will be almost unaffected. It is estimated that the diluted earnings per share in 2009-2010 will reach 0.26 yuan and 0.34 yuan.
In the secondary market, the stock has a steady trend, and the volume and price match is ideal, so you can pay attention in the short term.

Lihe (000532) has three major investment highlights, and Oriental Securities recommends paying due attention to the reason: Lihe has three major investment highlights. First, the company and the holding subsidiary Zhuhai Tsinghua Science and Technology Park jointly established Zhuhai Lihe Environmental Protection Company, which is mainly engaged in the construction, operation and management of water purification plants, and was awarded the concession right for the sewage treatment project granted by the Zhuhai Municipal Government As the value of environmental protection; second, the company holds 80% of the equity of Zhuhai Huaguan Capacitor Company, which is mainly engaged in the production of chip capacitors, electronic components and other products; third, the company holds Huaguan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 47.02% equity, the company is mainly engaged in the production of chip electrolytic capacitors and special production equipment for electronic products.
On the secondary market, the stock's early gains were relatively small, and it could be properly watched.

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