Common sand and dust test box failures and solutions

Common sand and dust test box failures and solutions

No matter how good things are, there will be a day when they are lost, and no matter how high-quality equipment there is, there are times when they fail. Familiar with the following faults and treatment methods will make you use it handy. The sand and dust test chamber is used to test the sealing performance of the product's shell, and is mainly applicable to the IP5X and IP6X tests specified in the shell protection level standard. The equipment is more practical and easy to control on the premise of meeting the national standards and stable performance in all aspects.

1. The instrument of the dustproof test box is not bright when the instrument is turned on: check whether the power supply is normal, whether the phase sequence is normal, and whether there is a neutral line.

Second, do not blow dust: check whether the blower is working normally or the fan is too small, check whether the dust is dry.

3. No vibration: Check whether the vibration motor is normal.

Pay attention to the power supply capacity when using the sand and dust test box. Please distribute power according to the following method. Do not use multiple power supplies at the same time. When installing, avoid the possibility of damage to the wiring and piping free of charge, so as to avoid pressure drop Affect the performance of the machine, and even cause downtime. Please use a dedicated circuit.

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