Application of PLC in cement industry

Cement plant production process automation control includes sequence control and process control. Sequential control is mainly to realize the group start, stop and interlock of the motors and electronic control equipment that enter the PLC in the whole plant, etc .; the process control is mainly to realize the temperature, pressure, speed, flow, Collect the process parameters such as material level, and adjust and control the production process by setting the valve opening and speed.

PLC is mainly used in the cement industry to control the control box production equipment of the production line, such as the cement production line and the grinder, raw mill, clinker mill, converter, etc. in the cement production line. The industry's production equipment is dominated by small PLCs.

Taking the application of PLC in the transformation of JZ350 hammer-shaped reverse discharge concrete mixer as an example, the PLC control system is stable and reliable whether it is hardware or software, with extremely high reliability and flexibility, which is easier to maintain and improve Stirring efficiency has achieved good economic benefits.

In the building materials industry, Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell and ABB have all achieved good results, and Omron, Mitsubishi, Hollysys, Delta, Hexin and Kewei are also used in part.

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