Glass Rolling Machine-SZKJ-2200

1. The calender is a rolled glass wire forming machine. It is a glass plate that is formed by extruding from the upper and lower main roller and rapidly cooling. This kind of equipment is a calender.
2. The technical performance of the calender SZKJ-2200.
It can meet the daily production of 100 ~ 120 tons production line, can also be calendered glass, the maximum width of the rolled glass plate is 1500~2300mm, the thickness is 2.5~10mm; the main roller adopts water cooling, and the upper and lower press rolls adopt different materials, and the contact glass temperature is 1300 degrees Celsius. about.
3. Material and Dimensions of Calender SZKJ-2200 The main frame of the calender is made of cast steel. The components used are based on the special requirements of the calender and are manufactured using advanced equipment and processes.

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