Chongqing Gree's large-diameter plastic spiral wound pipe passes expert appraisal

The large diameter plastic spiral wound pipe invented by Chongqing Grey Industrial Co., Ltd. passed the expert appraisal in Chongqing today. Large diameter pipes thus fill the gaps in the world.
After thousands of years of history, liquid flow pipes have grown from bamboo, masonry and pottery to cement, cast iron, fiberglass, and plastic. However, large-diameter pipes are difficult to manufacture, and they have always been a world-class problem. According to reports, the diameter of the world's large-diameter plastic pipe has also failed to break through 2 meters. Today passed the identification of the Chongqing Gree Company's pipeline, access to a number of national patents, its maximum diameter has exceeded 5 meters, in theory, can process any diameter, any length of pipe, but also double, multi-layer winding, in order to enhance the pipeline Strength and rigidity fill the gaps in the world's large-diameter pipeline.
Plastic spiral winding pipe uses waste polypropylene and polyethylene plastics that pollute the environment as raw materials. It not only saves materials, but also saves weight, protects the ecological environment, and saves renewable resources.
Especially unique is that the spiral pipe spiral inlay embedded processing method, to achieve the plate of the pipe production, according to the needs of on-site winding, with new technology, innovative structure to make the pipe more convenient, simple, cheap. It will make construction such as sewage, water diversion, and agricultural irrigation easier and easier.
Due to the advantages of convenient construction, high strength, good rigidity, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance, plastic spiral wound pipes are gradually replacing traditional concrete pipes and become a new type of pipe for municipal water diversion, sewage drainage, and agricultural irrigation. After nearly half a year of experimental use, the pipeline has been laid dozens of kilometers, the output value of more than 20 million yuan, with unlimited market prospects.

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