Accelerating the pace of development of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises in China (2)

We must resolutely correct the mistaken practice of “selling it out” and prevent one-sided, absolute, and simplistic tendencies in corporate restructuring. Third, we must conscientiously do a good job of supporting operations and employee placement to prevent the loss of state-owned assets and properly handle restructuring. After the retirement of the retirees, they strived to achieve new breakthroughs in debt processing and reduction in staff productivity. Fourth, they must shift their focus in due course to ensure that restructuring and production operations are correct. After the restructuring of the enterprise is over, it is necessary to timely shift the focus of its work to grasping production and management, grasping internal management, and grasping market development, adopting a combination of "three reforms and one strengthening", comprehensively improving the economic efficiency of enterprises, and making the role of restructuring possible. fully use.
2. Strengthening management “Management is gold, with unlimited potential” is a truth that has been proved by the practice of countless successful companies. However, there are still a large number of enterprises with high material consumption, people are overstaffed, capital turnover is slow, and benefits are declining. The key is that financially-centered basic management is weak, responsibilities are unclear, assessment is not strict, and measures are not in place. Market economy is a competitive economy. Enterprises must comply with the requirements of modern enterprise systems, and in the process of transforming their internal operating mechanisms, they should effectively strengthen corporate management, make profits for management, and respond to the intense market competition with the scientific management of enterprises to achieve maximum economic efficiency. . It is necessary to focus on market management, financial management and cost management as the center, focus on fund management, block financial loopholes, reduce production costs, increase the use of funds, and generate maximum benefits with minimal expenditure. The key to reducing costs and increasing profits is to tap the potential of existing equipment, grasp the middle of the two cards, and control the entry of raw materials into the factory and the delivery of products, and reduce costs in all directions and in the entire process. We must carry out the activities of “studying steel, managing management, reducing costs, and increasing profits” in-depth, aiming at weak links, scientific management, and comprehensively improving the management level of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises.
3. To open up the market must firmly establish the concept of the market first, seriously analyze the market, in-depth study of the market, take the initiative to find the market, and dare to compete for the market, and make every effort to play a marketing campaign. The director and manager shall be the first person responsible for the sales work. They shall strengthen the market concept, adopt the “going out” approach, and strengthen the communication with the users of the packaged products. The timely adjustment of the product structure of the packaged product shall be carried out according to the changes in the specifications of the ancillary products. And marketing strategies; to effectively open up ideas in marketing methods and sales policies, establish a set of product marketing mechanisms to meet the needs of the market as soon as possible, re-evaluate active sales personnel, mobilize their enthusiasm, and constantly expand sales channels; to establish their own characteristics The sales network strengthens information feedback, stabilizes and increases the market share of products; it is necessary to vigorously expand the market space, and it is necessary to focus on opening up the rural market and do a good job in the industrialization of agriculture and fruit industry. Packaging companies must realize that competition is multi-faceted, not just price competition, but also all-round competition such as after-sales service, reputation and quality. We must focus on the three key points of raw materials, equipment and manpower, pay close attention to product quality, and implement full quality control. Enterprises must abide by the credibility, the marketing work is based on "true" and "emotional", rely on credit management, relying on reputation development. At the same time, it is necessary to increase delinquency and recovery of loan proceeds, maximize the use of funds, and increase the utilization of funds.
4. Technological advancement Science and technology are the primary productive forces. They are even more important and prominent in today's society. They have decisive and far-reaching practical significance for the survival and development of enterprises. The current difficulties of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises are mainly due to the low level of technology and equipment, aging equipment, irrational product structure, single product, and low technological content. China’s buyer’s market has been fully formed and the market restriction mechanism has been further strengthened. It is unrealistic for enterprises to rely on low-grade products to wait for supply and demand to change in order to stimulate production and sales. Therefore, enterprises must accelerate the pace of industrial and product structural adjustment and accelerate technological progress. , take the road of technological innovation, focus on cultivating new points of economic growth, earnestly strengthen cooperation with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to establish new product development cooperation relations, promote the joint development of production, learning, and research to a faster and higher-level development, and comprehensively improve The quality and grade of existing products. Technological transformation should be market-oriented, benefit-centered, and take a new path of “small investment, quick results, high starting point, and good results”, and obtain highly efficient products with appropriate technology and as little investment as possible.
5. People-oriented people are decisive factors in the productivity factor. Market competition is the competition of talents. To develop a business, we must have a good mechanism, a good product, and a good leadership team. Among these three, a good leadership team is particularly important. It is necessary to further strengthen the construction of corporate leadership, continuously improve the management level of managers, strengthen the supervisory and restraint mechanisms and incentive mechanisms for business leaders, and boldly select talents who understand management, good management, honesty and self-discipline to take leadership positions, and make a A large number of factory managers and managers are eager to contribute and contribute to the development of the packaging industry.
The development of a company is not only reflected in its economic efficiency, but also in the improvement of the quality of its employees. The strength of employees ultimately constitutes the strength of the company. We must focus on education in science and technology and training in science and technology, strengthen the education, training, and management of employees, especially young employees, and focus on enhancing the scientific and technological quality of employees to meet the requirements of enterprises in the era of knowledge-based economy.

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