The new scraper conveyor came out

Recently, the new SGD-630/220 single-chain scraper transporter was successfully developed by Shandong Taishan Jianneng Machinery Co., Ltd. and passed the appraisal of relevant experts from Shandong Province.
The machine is suitable for medium-thick coal seams and coal mining work faces. The machine head frame adopts two-half split fixed type, the middle part is welded with the middle slot and block coal plate, the water reducer is used for the reducer, and it can be used with different types of shearers. It is used in conjunction with equipment such as hydraulic supports and trolleys, and is suitable for tilt angles of 0° to 35°. It can achieve coal mining, coal loading, and mechanization of coal transportation at the working surface. It can be used not only for high-grade general working face but also for comprehensive mechanized coal mining work. surface.

Based on a design found at Shakespeare's garden in Stratford, England, these border edge irons are perfect for holding back unruly plants and defining the edge of a garden or walkway. Place them side-by-side or overlap them as much as you'd like. Easy to install; simply press the legs into the soil.

Powder-coated, galvanized steel construction is low-maintenance and ensures outdoor durability;

Digless installation quickly pushes straight into the ground to keep pets and unwanted pests away in no time;

Wrought-iron style fence adds decorative appeal to any area of your home

Landscape Border Edge

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