Briefly describe how to install a newly purchased electronic balance

The electronic balance has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient and practical, and fast weighing speed. It is currently widely used in enterprises and laboratories to measure the quality of objects.

the amount. At present, there are many types of electronic balances used in China, whether they are domestic or imported; whether they are large weighing or small weighing; whether they are high precision or low precision, the basic construction principles are the same . How to correctly install, use and maintain the electronic balance, and obtain the correct weighing results, is one of the effective methods to ensure product quality.

During the on-site verification work, it was found that the balances of many enterprises were not installed, used, and maintained as required, resulting in large deviations in measurement data, exceeding the maximum allowable error required by the verification regulations. In order to enable the staff of the enterprise engaged in the balance to obtain accurate weighing results and extend the service life of the balance, the issues that need to be paid attention to in the correct installation, use and maintenance of the electronic balance are now analyzed as follows:

1. Environmental requirements for the installation room of the electronic balance

(1) The room should avoid direct sunlight, it is best to choose a shaded room or use shading methods.

(2) It should be far away from the earthquake source, such as railways, highways, vibrators and other vibration machinery. When it is unavoidable, anti-vibration measures should be taken.

(3) Keep away from heat sources and high-intensity electromagnetic fields.

(4) The temperature in the working room should be constant, preferably around 20'C.

(5) The relative humidity in the working room should be between 45% and 75%.

(6) The working room should be clean and clean to avoid the influence of airflow.

(7) There should be no corrosive gas in the working room.

(8) The workbench should be firm and reliable.

2. Cleaning requirements before installing the electronic balance

(1) First, use a brush or deerskin to remove floating soil and other objects.

(2) Wet silk cloth should be used to remove dust in the weighing room or near the magnet. Do not let dust and dirt fall into the magnet to cause the malfunction of the balance.

(3) Wipe the balance and components clean with damp flannel (solvent is not suitable).

(4) Wipe the balance and its parts with clean deerskin or silk cloth to ensure that the balance is clean.

3. Main steps for installing electronic balance

(1) Select a qualified installation room and have a qualified installation platform.

(2) Remove the outer packaging of the electronic balance, such as a wooden box or a carton, and store the outer packaging and shock-proof items for reuse.

(3) Check whether the balance mainframe and parts are complete and the appearance is good.

(4) Remove dust and clean the balance main unit and parts.

(5) Install the balance main unit, and adjust the balance to the horizontal state by adjusting the horizontal adjustment foot at the bottom of the balance (observation of the horizontal device in the balance weighing chamber).

(6) Install the balance ring, weighing pan and other moving parts in place. Some weighing pans need to be rotated to be fixed.

(7) Loosen the stop device such as the transport fixing screw or key button (some electronic balances do not have this device).

(8) Adjust the external power selection button of the electronic balance to the local power supply voltage.

(9) Insert the external power supply and plug into the external power socket, and turn on the power switch of the electronic balance. Observe whether the display of the balance is normal. If the display is normal, preheat it according to the instructions.

4. Precautions before operation of electronic balance

(1) The voltage range selected by the electronic balance should be consistent with the external power supply voltage at the place of use.

(2) The electronic balance should be level.

(3) The electronic balance should be preheated according to the instructions.

(4) When weighing volatile and corrosive items, they should be placed in a closed container to avoid corrosion and damage to the electronic balance.

(5) The temperature and humidity in the balance room should be constant, the temperature should be at 20 "C, and the humidity should be around 50%.

(6) Adjust the balance to make it reach the best condition.

5. The main steps of operating the electronic balance

(1) Turn on the power supply and warm up so that the balance is in standby state.

(2) Turn on the balance switch (press the joystick or switch key) to make the balance at the zero position, otherwise press the tare button.

(3) Put on the vessel, read the value and record, press the tare key by hand to clear it, and make the balance display zero again.

(4) Add human samples into the vessel until the required weight is displayed, record the reading, if there is a printer, press the print key to complete.

(5) Take out the utensil together with the sample.

(6) Press the tare key on the balance to clear it for reuse.

6. Problems that should be paid attention to when maintaining the electronic balance correctly

(1) Always maintain the environmental sanitation of the balance room, but also keep the balance weighing room clean. Once the items are scattered, they should be cleaned in time.

(2) Frequent self-calibration or regular external calibration of the electronic balance to ensure that the balance sensitivity is in the best condition.

(3) When the balance is not used for a long time, it should be collected.

(4) If the electronic balance malfunctions, it should be repaired in time, and no work with disease is allowed.

(5) Do not overload the operating balance to avoid damage to the balance.

In summary, as long as the staff engaged in the use of balances consider and accomplish the above aspects, they can have

Effectively improve the weighing accuracy and extend the service life of the balance

The following is a picture of the European Redwell electronic balance

Briefly describe how to install a newly purchased electronic balance

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